Family and Teacher Resources

Central UMC is dedicated to supporting families and teachers with their children. We seek to accomplish this goal through providing quality resources and training for all caregivers.

Conscious Discipline

Central uses Conscious Discipline in our children's programs. Conscious Discipline is a childrearing philosophy that is highly relational and respectful of children. It focuses first on the adult's wellbeing, asking them to feel safe and stable before assisting children. Adults then assist children in identifying their emotions and making decisions that help them succeed.

Core concepts of Conscious Discipline are:

  • Adults manage their emotions before helping a child manage theirs

  • Adults should focus on what they want to happen, not on undesirable behavior

  • Everyone works together to find a solution

  • Providing positive choices to children helps them feel empowered and give them a chance to work with adults

  • Telling children what they can do is more effective than telling them what they cannot do

  • Praise encourages positive behavior

  • Children feel valued when they are allowed to help in meaningful ways

  • Discipline provides a chance to learn so everyone can do better


We recently hosted a training in Conscious Discipline for teachers and parents in our church, early childhood center, and our community. Training families and teachers in this system creates consistency that sets children up for success.

Here is a Conscious Discipline Cheat Sheet, that covers the basics:

Safe Sanctuary Certification

All Central teachers complete Safe Sanctuary Certification. The certification process includes a background check, training on appropriate practices and procedures protecting children, and references. Contact Leilani Ahia, Children's Director for more information or to complete the certification process.

Spiritual Education at Home

The family is a child's primary access to spiritual education. Central encourages families to speak together about their beliefs. Each member of a family will have slightly different beliefs. It is important to affirm and celebrate each family member's spirituality.

Take Home Sheet

Central provides a Take Home Sheet with every preaching series. This is sent out electronically and posted here. It provides families with one story or activity and one question a week to spark conversation. Children not yet in elementary school can read from the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Children in Elementary school can read from the Bible. Please contact us if you are in need of a Bible for your child.


Central also has a few lists of videos for families to watch together. These videos should spark conversation.

Bible Knowledge: This playlist has videos on how the Bible was written and assembled.

Diversity: This playlist focuses on diversity and was curated as part of our 2017 series, Faith and Race.

Pet Conversation Starters.png

Spiritual Education at Home